Setting up your email sender (DKIM)

Configure emails to be sent from your company domain


This can only be configured by users with an Administrator or IT role.

By default, email notifications to Users and Advocates are sent from To configure emails to be sent from your company domain:

1.  Using the main menu, go to Settings > Profile


2.  Scroll down to Company Details, and click Edit company details


3.  Complete the Company Details as follows:


    a.  Enter your Company name.

    b.  Enter the email address the notifications should be sent from in Notifications email.


This must be a valid email or alias. 

Enter the name that should appear in Users and Advocates inboxes in Notifications sender name.


For example:


  Click Update Details to save changes.


5.  The DKIM settings for your domain will be displayed (similar to the example shown below). You’ll need to add the three CNAME records to your DNS records.


The screenshot below is just an example. You’ll be provided with the actual CNAME records for your domain when you follow the steps above. 



Once you save your settings within the Crowdvocate portal and generate your DKIM records, you have 72 hours to complete the DNS configuration. If the DNS records are not configured within that time frame, email settings will revert to the default

Once you’ve added the CNAME records to your DNS, it can take a few hours to update. In the meantime, you may see a DNS not configured message under Notifications email:

dns not configured

Once the changes have been recognized, a DNS successfully configured message will be displayed:


Once your DNS settings have been updated, test if the email notification settings are working correctly by generating notification emails to a test account (e.g., invite a new advocate, invite an advocate to complete an ASK).