Choosing pop-up frequency

Pop-ups are one of the ways users are invited to participate in an ASK (see How does my ASK appear to advocates).


To choose how often pop-ups appear for each individual user:

  • Using the main menu, go to Settings > Customize


  • Scroll down to Choose popup frequency and click Frequency of appearance


  • Set the Frequency of appearance (how often a user should see a pop-up). This can be set to Days or Hours



Most companies choose 7 Days or 3 Days (which results in a pop-up being displayed once or twice a week respectively).


  • Set the Max appearance per ASK (how many times the same ASK pop-up should be displayed). 



The user can still find this ASK in the portal, but it will no longer pop-up automatically once the maximum number of appearances has been reached. 




Most companies set this to 2 or 3. 

  • Click Update details to save.